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Off-Beat Career Options of 2019-Volume 2

We have discussed few offbeat careers for 2019 in our earlier blog, so let us continue with the series by mentioning a few more interesting career options these days evolving.

This generation of millennials is basically influenced by digital transformation. They don’t like to bind themselves with a typical 9 to 5 job with a fixed salary. They love to explore some trendy work which makes them feel satisfied and have fun working with it. Also, there are many web-based as well as app-based idea validation platforms to help them validate their career selected from verified experts in the respective industries. Few such careers options are given below.

Bar Tending

A bartender is a person who prepares and serves alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks or beverages behind the bar, normally in a licensed restaurant. Bartenders also usually maintain the supplies and inventory for the bar. Becoming a Bartender won’t be so common as generally, we say for engineer or doctor. But this is being now opted by many youngsters or millennials. There are no eligibility criteria to become a Bartender, but there are many institutes in India and abroad offering bartender diploma courses and advanced courses.

Following are few institutes:

  • Indian Institute of Bartending-Chennai
  • Liquid Art Bartending School-Hyderabad
  • Chennai Institute of BarTending-Chennai
  • European Bartending School-Las Vegas, Berlin, Milan
  • International Bartending School-New Jersey

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Diving-As a Profession

If you love aquatic life and get thrilled at the idea of spending hours underwater inside the ocean, it will be good to try this as a profession.

After becoming a professional diver, it can lead you to various types of exciting career opportunities. You can grow as a commercial diver, whose job includes underwater construction, welding, and ship servicing and maintenance. You could likewise be a public safety diver and serve with rescue agencies and law enforcement to protect people in the ocean, or you could also be a research diver to provide service for oceanic and marine biology research or environmental protection and conservation. For any of the above role you choose to take, you will require commercial diving coaching and training and certification to be prepared to dive safely.

  • Sea Explorers Institute-Kolkata
  • Goa Diving-Goa
  • Interdive-Cochin
  • LACADIVES – Mumbai

Food Critic

Food critics analysis, inspect and review dishes eaten in restaurants. They usually try various types of dishes and additionally might comment on the restaurant’s service and ambiance. Food critics serve for newspapers, magazines, and food-related websites. Also these days they are very active on Social Media platforms. Social media has played a very important role especially to food critics who use hashtags of the restaurants to make it popular and review them. Many jobs are freelance, and there may be strong competition for positions. You should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism or a related field. Have good command over English Language and have a keen interest in food, cooking and traveling. Additionally, an enormous list of followers over social media platforms.

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Wildlife Photography

Photography is a wonderful field to get into. Several people like to photograph around them and many are really good at it. Photography is an extensive field and wildlife photography is one of the categories to it, that can actually pay well if you choose it as a full-time career.

Wildlife photography is customarily for people who admire the wilderness. It is all about clicking at the precise moment and capturing the wildness in camera. Initially, you should start with basic photography and learn how to handle the camera, understand the concept the light and other types of equipment involved in photography. The subsequent step will be to look for an expert and assist him or her. There are tonnes of wildlife photographers out there looking for assistants. This would give you on-job training and allow you to understand art better.

Also, you may validate your idea of becoming a photographer from a verified expert n idea validation applications like Howkya.

Following are few reputed institutes offering a good course on photography:

  • Delhi College of Photography-New Delhi
  • Light and Life Academy-Ooty
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University-Hyderabad
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television-Noida
  • National Institute of Design-Ahmedabad

HowKya serves you with a platform offering validation of ideas that are the unique and right choice for a successful career, as your idea will be verified by respective experts.

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