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Off-Beat Career Options of 2019-Volume 1

A decade back when any student was asked what would you like to become or what are his/her career goals, we only heard them saying Doctor, Engineer, Teacher or Lawyer as there were very limited streams-Science, Arts and Commerce. Choosing one of these made students becoming professionals in any of the related industries. These established careers were regarded as respectable and more agreeable by society. Reason being limitation in streams option and second was the least exposure to technology.

With the advent and revolution of Science and Technology over the past years, there has been an array of career options available to students. Today though these conventional careers stated, are still in trend, students have much more challenging and profitable choices ahead of them.

Youngsters now are more exposed to take up alternative careers or exciting jobs. The purpose could be that legendary careers have grown so expensive, and struggling as more and more people opt for them, and obtaining jobs is not as simple as earlier. Earlier even though students had an interest in other domains, they are bound to take up traditional careers because of peer and family pressure.

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We have divided this article into two parts as there are still more off-beat careers to be mentioned. Let us discuss the below career options available for students.

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Wine Taster /Sommelier

Sommelier also knowns as a wine taster is a qualified and trained wine professional, usually hired by fine restaurants. He is basically the person specialized in every aspect of wine service as well as wine and food pairing. If you are an avid lover of wine and no restraints while dealing with the beverage. Also, you should love traveling and have a good sense of taste and smell. There are many institutes in India to get professional training with very nominal fees between the wine industry and as a subject.

  • Indian Wine Academy, Delhi
  • Manipal University, Karnataka
  • KBR School of Wine, Mumbai
  • Wine Academy of India, Chennai
  • Institute for Wine and Beverage Studies, Delhi

After achieving a professional degree you can choose from a variety of options related to wine like being a wine critic and journalist, a lecturer in wine academy or work in a restaurant as Sommelier.


Chocolatier is an expert who explores with chocolate to create classic and unique that is both beautiful and delicious. A Chocolatier designs various chocolate-based products like bonbons, cookies pastries, and exquisite chocolate moldings. Chocolatier has expertise and knowledge about chocolate formulations and procedures and the history of chocolate. The Chocolatier takes prepared chocolates and blends them in customized recipes with other ingredients, to create exclusive and decorative candies, bars and other unique desserts. There are institutes and academies in India offering Professional Chocolatier Courses are,

  • Chocolate Academy, Mumbai
  • Barry Callebaut India Private Limited, Mumbai
  • Craft and Social Development Organization (CSDO), New Delhi

The program comprises of complete and detailed lessons taken by Master Chocolatiers, members of the Academy of Master Chocolatiers.

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Pet grooming

Pet grooming is a very exciting and rewarding career choice for people having affection for animals. A person specializing in grooming is called pet groomer. Though is a difficult task, the field is growing day by day and even the competition. The work of a pet groomer is to works with animals and helps in improving their hygiene and appearance. Also, they beautify animals. They are like a veterinarian, who identify first the ailments or problems of the animals. A pet groomer strikes a pivotal role in preserving the health of the animals. They have an array of job opportunities like in the hospital, pet salons or pet boarding facilities. A person does not require any particular qualification to grow a pet groomer. However, the prospects of achieving employment increases if you have completed a certificate or training in the related area. Institutes offering such courses are

  • Whiskers & Tails Franchise & Pet Grooming Academy, Mumbai
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy Professional Pet Grooming School, Bengaluru

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Adventure Tour Operator

This can be the precise choice for those who cherish adventure and traveling. The work is similar to that of a regular tour operator.

Professional courses in this field are offered by Tourism Offices of Government of India, are located in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Kolkata They conduct courses like a tour guide training program. Graduates can apply for this course. Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management(IITM) also imparts short term courses on travel and tourism. Ministry of Tourism grants license to the tourist guides & also regulates Regional Level Tourist Guide Training Programmes. There is not any specific requirement for a tour guide, but have good communication skills and great command over English and other foreign languages like French, Chinese. German, Spanish, Japanese.

HowKya serves you with a platform offering validation of ideas that are the unique and right choice for a successful career, as your idea will be verified by respective experts. We will continue with this series by discussing a few more interesting career options to choose from in our next article.

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