10 Ways To Increase Social Media Followers in 2019

Marketing is the action and process for creating, publishing and delivering offerings that have value to customers. There are many market validation tools in the industry and your product ideas are dependent on such product validation tools. One of the best and robust tool is social media nowadays.

Earlier with the advent of social media, the main purpose of social media was to connect to people. Then later messenger feature was connected to it to making communication still more easy and accessible. But Today the whole concept of social media has taken a total transformation.

It has now become a type of idea validation tool where we can spread a word about our product to a larger and global audience by just sitting at one place. Similarly, social media marketing is also one of its part wherein you can build a brand and increase its visibility through developing relationships and communicating with potential consumers of our product. This is done by conducting paid advertising on social media which is meager when compared to traditional marketing. So social media is a great way to amplify your product marketing strategy in the digital world.

But the big question which comes to our mind is how to increase or social media follower that boost our business.

Lets us see a few factors which can enhance and increase our social media followers.

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1. Set Your Goals or Aims

Before you start improving your social media presence, you must set your goals in mind as to what would you like to achieve. This needs to be done before you start the other steps of your campaign, as, without any goals in mind, you might end up wasting your time and sources. Goals could be to increase brand awareness, grow followers, boost engagement, or even generate leads. It’s significant that you know how each social media platform that you use works. Also, you should have an idea about the audience whom you are targeting. You can decide your target audience on the basis of demographics, locations, and interests. Possessing specific goals will allow you to measure your progress and enhance your social media presence in the long run.

2. Create a Great Profile

It is rightly said that “The first impression is the last impression!!”, with this, we mean that creating a great profile will give a good impression about you or your product. So once you enter the world of social media with a goal in mind, the next very step is to create an impressive profile. Consider completing your profile and fill in each and every field that is appropriate and relevant to your business. A profile should have a display picture that can be an attractive brand logo. The cover photo should also be an impressive one. Once a customer visits your profile, the profile image or display picture and the cover photo will be their deciding factor as to whether they should scroll down and view the post, follow or like the page

3. Follow Relevant Brand Accounts

You can increase followers, but only if they identify that your brand is a genuine one. To better establish your authenticity, you should follow other brands and accounts of genuine people. But before following other brands you should keep in mind that they should be related to your brand and business. Many of those people or brands may even follow you back, thus improving your credibility.

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4. Interact With Your Followers

You can start posting helpful contents on your account once you have gathered some followers. Also by just posting links or media does not help, as you really need to interact and connect with your audience. Interaction with your followers helps to start grabbing their attention and interest. Do comment on others post and instantly respond to others comments on your post. The intention is to connect with your audience and make them believe connected to your brand. Once your audience feels connected to your brand will they keen to learn further about it and visit your website or refer to post regularly.

5. Understand Your Audience

Once you start interacting with your audience, you need to understand their requirements. Only then you will be able to associate with them on a more personal level.

When you recognize what your audience desires to see or read, you can customize your content to satisfy them. When they are able to correlate to the content better, they will engage with it further and that will help boost your social media presence.

Once you are able to enhance your content, you will be able to lead them to your website or business. This is happening so because you are giving your target audience what they want to do or see.

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6. Have a Follow Buttons On Your Website

Try to generate followers from your website also. Traffic on your website can also increase followers by simply adding a “follow us” link on your website. Usually, brands make a blunder by not inserting social media buttons on their websites. These buttons are an effortless way to boost your social media presence and plenty of followers.

7. Connect Your Profiles and Website

Make sure to optimize your profile by linking all of your social media accounts and profiles on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to your website or webpage. This will benefit your audience to receive more information about your brand easily. Additionally, it will further boost both your website traffic and social media presence.

8. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are utilized to bring collectively related content under one roof. Whenever you post something on your social media accounts, try to include few hashtags. The number of hashtags vary depending upon the social media platform. For instance, Instagram allows up to 30 Hashtag. Such action can bring people to your social media accounts and consequently to your website. They mean a lot, particularly when you are posting on Twitter and Instagram.

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9. Incorporate Social Icons into Your Emails

Emails are also one of the best ways to spread the word regarding your social media accounts. Usually, we send multiple emails to subscribers every month. So when a social media icon is also present in the email like a signature it provides an added value and prompts users to click from there and visit your social media profile and if the information or post sounds interesting then they follow or like the profile thus boosting your social media presence.

10. Location Tagging

Location tagging is also a very important part when you are posting on your social media accounts. Optimizing your content on social media gives comforts to the viewers about its authenticity. So giving maximum information about your brand gives a clear idea about where does the brand belong to when you mention the location in location tagging option while posting.

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