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Then and Now -The Evolution of Technology in India

We, humans, are the most beautiful, most creative but most complicated creations of God. We have multiple problems with lots of solutions but matching the problems with specific solutions is a skill. Similarly, we have multiple logics with many magic’s, co-relation of this is called ‘life’. We have old generation thoughts & new generation, thinking & building a pool between them is called life. Technology is an important part of human life, people can’t live without technology. From waking up in the morning, till the late night, technology has now become of importance. Moving forward it is not just the recent times that we need technology. We have been using similar techniques in older times. There are some old techniques of our ancient history of India which has a co-relation with our modern technique.

Here are some things we would like to share with you

Mother& Motherboard

In Ancient times our first teacher was our mother & afterwards the Gurus. They used to teach us orally which we have to then by heart with our memory of our brain.

When we are child our complete knowledge source is our mother, she has all the information related to our home, things, everybody’s choices, and behaviours, moods, past family histories, present activities & future planning. She is our main information storage centre; any family member that needs any information will come to her.

Now as we talk about our modern technology, identical to Mother, we have the Motherboard of our computer. Like the mother, the motherboard has loads of information stored into it. Any information needed can be taken out from the motherboard.

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As we know, Mr Vajay Bhatkar is best known as the architect of India’s national initiative in supercomputing where he led the development of Param supercomputers. He developed the first Indian supercomputer, the PARAM 8000, in 1991 and later the PARAM 10000 in 1998. He had a great belief on his mother.

We all have been in situations when we have needed quick insights on an issue that relates to our personal life, work or business, relationships or religion but might get confused on the best resource to get this, given the numerous sources of information (Google/Wiki) readily available to us today

A Peacock Feather & Stylus

stylus pen

India is one of the countries who have an ancient culture & ancient technical knowledge. Other countries when they were just getting to know about technology, India was far ahead in the game and had progressed earlier. Another example of evolution is our stylus /pens which we mostly used to write, highlight or point out anything is originated from an ancient peacock feather. People in the former times used to use this peacock feather to write. If we recall we must know that in ashrams teachers & students used to write with the peacock’s feather as pen As the time changed we started using pens day by day, pen pattern & styles have changed the world and turned into digital & stylus pen was introduced. As the days changed we adapted with the technology.

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We are in search of new things every time. Trying new things or techniques is a type of passion for human being nowadays. But don’t forget” a big nourished fruitful tree has old roots.” Similarly no matter how much technology changes but it still has the attachment to old roots in our ancient history of India.

Lord Ganesh & Computer

technology change

One of the best examples of technology fusion is our computer having resemblance with Lord Ganesha, Vighnaharta (consultant or a problem solver). Lord Ganesha as The leader of Ganas (who perform all the tasks )It is the same as a computer in Marathi “Sanganak” (a multitasking machine). Ganesha has a brain where all the data is stored & utilized in multiple problems solving tactics as we call him Buddhidevta, interchangeable our computer has CPU & Memory. Last but not the least Ganesh has a friend & helper or assistant which is his mouse, and the computer also has a supporting hand that is the mouse.

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