top tech trends for business 2020

Top Tech Trends Brands Should Adopt Right Now

Entrepreneurs that are always on the front, using the IT trends always gain a really good competitive advantage. Increased profitability, greater efficiencies, improved customer service and the ability to break down a given market are just a few of the many examples.

You have to stay on top by watching the IT industry and make predictions on how the market will react. The business owners in the industry are aware of how big the year 2018 was for the innovation in tech. This trend has continued in 2019 and will be coming with more advanced things in the following year. For entrepreneurs, this comes with many benefits and also some pitfalls. Anyhow your company must be the one that implements it and stays ahead of your competitors.

Here are the most important business technology trends business leaders should keep their eyes on in 2020:

1. Cybersecurity for the end-user

The year 2020 will be the year to remember in technology. All the tech trends have been showing that the focus of the businesses are towards cybersecurity and keeping up with the adversaries by using artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict the future possible attacks. As technology is improving you can now see a much faster and cheaper response to the cyber attacks.

Earlier it used to be a long and time-consuming process when some business is hit with the attack and it has to make it right by giving a complaint. But by having a pre-decided process it makes it less risky.

cyber security technology trends

2. Increased Automation

Automation has been going around for so long and it is going to keep on improving in the further times. There are going to be more tools and apps that will help in business automation in many ways. All the tasks can be done in a lesser duration of time.

Incorporating all the automation processes in your business can not only further save time but will increase your inputs in the areas that need creative thinking.

3. AI for decision making

Businesses today are someway or the other incorporating AI in their business. This is one of the trends to watch out for in 2020. Many entrepreneurs think it is best to increase their investment in AI as opposed to what was earlier invested. They think that it is best to expand it so as to have a better business.

The business makes use of AI from marketing decisions to increase their operational efficiencies. It can be even used for managing customer relationships and so much more. Businesses have ow continued to explore the opportunities related to AI and experiment with it to enhance their business strategies and operations

4. Cloud to keep decentralizing IT support

Businesses are now using web-based applications in an increasing number. The businesses that have an IT model have now largely and fully based their businesses in the cloud. This helps in decentralizing IT support and makes it more difficult to ensure continuity and efficiency.

5. Inclusion Of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the technology where the real world is connected with the virtual world. This is available in the market and will grow in businesses too. Mobile devices are the first devices to experience this in the form of games and fun activities. This has been growing in 2019 and will be continuing to impress people in 2020. As technology progresses this will be integrated into most business apps in different forms to give the best experience.

augmented reality business trends

6. Technology Convergence

This generation has witnessed the biggest shift in technology. The market is now loaded with the buzzwords in the area of AI, blockchain, AR and machine learning. These are impressive in their own ways that were previously used. But the concurrence between these technologies will uncover a whole different value in the business as they will be integrated into the standard processes of the businesses which will lead to productivity gains.

7. Augmented Analytics Using Natural Language

Augmented analytics is now using natural language generation. This has transformed the way organizations and data experts and executives are collecting more accurate data which gives insights and deepens the engagement from their data. Adoption of natural language to find the most important things in a small amount of time will make data science it convenient and developing data scientists in all business roles.

The above points are some of the most important for businesses in their upcoming businesses. You should know how all the tech trends can affect your business and which ones should be incorporated in your business. Howkya is a platform where you can find tech experts and mentors who will guide you through your business needs. Technology experts can select the best ones for your business and help you in keeping up with the market trends. You can even conduct market research for your business which helps you provide the best customer service.

Top Tech Trends For Business 2020
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Top Tech Trends For Business 2020
1. Cybersecurity for the end-user 2. Increased Automation 3. AI for decision making 4. Cloud to keep decentralizing IT support 5. Inclusion Of Augmented Reality 6. Technology Convergence 7. Augmented Analytics Using Natural Language
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